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    February 16, 2018
    Stunning rounds, a very nice company!

    This seller offers very special silver rounds, for those who needs something unique! Nice selection, great customer service. I recommend them!

    William R. Haynes
    May 9, 2017
    Simply a fantastic artist!

    Top quality .999 bullion Jewelry made by Agsilverbulliondojo and I would highly recommend all stackers, give the company a chance for their business! I would highly recommend Agsilverbulliondojo: To anyone looking for procurement of hard money within the pure silver option! Respectfully submitted, Wm. Haynes

    Dealer's reply May 9, 2017

    Thank you very much William, just want to correct the name ,it's (Agsilverdojo Bullion) lol.. it's ok I can see how one can confuse the name and I would prob. Done the same as I'm real bad with names myself.. thank you again and it's been my pleasure selling to you and I'm so happy you love your new (Silver Skull proof coin pendant chain necklace, u were my 1st sale on this low mintage of 100 to ever be made and we know how 1st impressions go..u don't get a second chance at a 1st impression so I'm so glad I love it and satisfied , it's taken me 2 years now to get to this point in my new silver bullion buisness and I have high expectations and visions of making Agsilverdojo a recognized new brand and in process of Comming out with my new Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel T-shirt "spring/summer collection and if this goes well I will have a fall/winter collection of Hoodies aswell with new designs for the silver stacker in mind as I want to offer more to the silver stacking community and I think with this Apparel collection it will help spread the awareness of Silver and all it's property's and just how rare and valuable it is as it is real money, anyway thank you again and you can check out my presentation video's of this new collection and my Silver Skull Collection on my website ( sincely Jason Scott (creator/designer and micro minter)

    April 26, 2017
    Couldn't be happier...until I buy another one!

    I bought the standard silver coin with the standard box. Looks great online, a work of art in person! Very personable, respectable, and gifted dealer. I will buy at least one of anything he ever produces. I've already paid for an antique coin with a premium box. Can't wait to get it! Great communication throughout the whole process.

    Dealer's reply April 26, 2017

    Mike it's been my pleasure meeting you, you started as a customer and ends in a new friendship! Anything you need to ever know I'm only a email away! So happy you love Silver Skull (proof) and you will have your (antique) in next day or so..I know u will like that one even better because it's also my favorite of the two finishes, and you will really like the (premium Box) I hope so because it took me almost 6 months to get custom made with silkscreen logo! Anyway keep stackin my friend and remember "IN THE END IT WILL BE ALL ABOUT THE OZ COUNT" and always hold physical " IF YOU DONT HOLD IT... YOU DONT OWN IT" your friend ,Jason Scott

    March 28, 2017
    beautiful designs, coins and service excellent - will buy next series coins

    I bought four coins, one being antiqued and the quality and art is among the best. I have been buying silver bullion over the years and began buying limited edition one ounce silver 'art' coins for about 12 months. I was getting bored with the hype and promise from companies like SBSS that there are only 1000 in this design or that design, and then sensing this was sales hype, and in fact it seems like there are endless supplies of so called limited 500 coin / 1000 coin strike designs.. The Agsilverdojo creator is trustable and I am sure when the 1000 or 500 to a series is sold - he will move on to other designs - rendering these coins highly collectable. I in fact met the designer in Boston a couple months ago over coffee. Believe me, he has many designs planned, is very dedicated to the concept of service, and is a silver expert. As he becomes recognized as an engraver or designer of bullion coins his early designs will of course increase in value and may over-perform in terms of an investment. If you collect unusual silver coinage - here is an opportunity to own a beautiful ounce of pure silver from an up and coming, truly rising star in this rather new market / industry of micro minting of silver art, collector coins. I place my bets on Agsilverdojo in a year or two becoming a brand that is synonymous with elegance and perfection in fine silver art coins as well as wearable silver art items.

    Dealer's reply April 26, 2017

    Robert.. you have taught me more value inthe short time we've known eachother in the silver stacking community, you push me to be more and go for more and not settle for just being another creator/designer, you have inspired me to take minting and this silver bullion buisness to a new level as now I'm doing ( .999 fine silver proof coin chain necklaces) out of Silver Skull , limited mintage (100) and I'm in the process of making my trademark/logo and silver bullion buisness into a brand and comming soon is my (Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel) starting off with three t-shirts inspired by silver stackers/silverbugs with the slogans we all use and starting with my 1st in series Silver Skull , there will be two in the "Silver Skull Collection" and one is my trademark/logo ( Sizes) sm. med. lg. Xl. And I'm also looking into the area you have pushed me hardest into and that is into the Brick and mortar and into small boutique's around the Boston area! I thank you most for your confidence in me to know I will pursue my dreams, aspirations, visions and goals and my main and #1 reason for stacking and minting is to secure a future for my young son! I thank you again robert and u know I'm only 45 min away or a text or email.. again you also started as a customer and now so much more..a true friend! Stay in touch , have not heard from you in a few months pal! Hope all is well, god bless , Jason Scott

    March 26, 2017
    Awesome coin, great customer service and fast shipping ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    The Silverskull coins ,the proof and Antique are awesome, I bought both! The creator Jason was a pleasure to deal with and very fast shipping,ETA 2-3 days ..5 stars all the way!!

    March 18, 2017

    Love the design! Looks unbelievable in hand, WARNING, do not open in the sun, it WILL cause temporary blindness, and I am NOT joking. Glad I wasn't driving LOL. Can't WAIT to see the next in the series, it's gonna be hard to top the FIRST!

    Dealer's reply April 26, 2017

    Mark..may the Silver Skull temporarily blind you but let it forever open your eyes and know Silver is the key to everything from protection, security, and prosperity, as my motto goes for Agsilverdojo Bullion " Silver The Element Of Change, Prosperity, Security and only real money" one day silver will be the greatest transfer of wealth to the ones prepared and see the writing on the wall, silver will be gold on steroids and it will outshine and outperform the yellow metal and one day they will be calling silver "unafordium and unatainium" in the end it will be all about the oz count and us stackers were smart enough to have some!! Thank you mark! Jason Scott

    Mariah stone
    February 23, 2017
    5 star rating

    Great experience very good customer service and great communication and love the silver skull coin I purchased pre-sale for my husband i think he will love it as much as me

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