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    April 6, 2016
    Great service

    The service was great. They were very patient explaining to a first time coin buyer how it works. Plenty of staff. Lots of neat coins. The place could use a little bit of tidying and sprucing up.

    August 20, 2015

    I've gone to Allen's for a few years for coins and coin collection supplies but yesterday was the first day I went to the jewelry store side. I never did get the lady's name that helped my wife and I pick out a nice something for grandma but she bent over backwards to help us. She started with giving us a little history on what made these things collectible in the first place and when we told her specifically what we were looking for she led us right to it. During checkout she searched high and low for a box that was just the right size for our very fragile gift and then packaged it with the greatest care taking time to show my wife just how to unwrap our gift so as to avoid damaging. As for the coin side these fellas know their numismatics. They can come across as gruff and sometimes a bit elitist but I bet then get a lot of Looky Loos in there that just serve only to waste time. If you know what you want they are happy to help. One time I needed just one page out of a collection book and the guy simply removed that page from the only book they had in the store and sold it to me without qualm. Now that's customer service. Allen's Coin and Jewelry Shop gets only four stars because they have awful banker's hours. It's hard enough for me to get to Westerville but to do it between 9 and 6 during the week and only a few hours on Sunday make it very inconvenient.

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