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    Nik Richey
    October 6, 2015
    Rude stuff

    I came into this place looking to sell some silver. The younger guy that helped me was really rude to me, but he gave me a fair price for the things I was selling. I probably wont go back, which is sad, because they seem like a nice business, the person that "helped" me was just a complete jerk. If you want repete customers, and good reviews to increase your business, take my advice, be a little nicer and try not to make everyone feel like an idiot by the time they leave. If you are as self absorbed as I think you are, then just ignore this and go out of business within the next two years.

    Eric McDuffie
    September 21, 2015
    I'm glad

    Best place in the Spokane area for gold and silver and the staff are intelligible and friendly to work with. I was very happy to find them when I moved to the area. I highly recommend their service.

    Keith Beck
    October 29, 2014
    One of the best

    I drove past them so many times and I never knew they were there. On a recommendation from my parents, who have had a fair amount of jewelry repaired there, I googled them. On the map, it showed they were North of Pizza Rita. Little did I know, they are right next door! Pretty convenient. There service was excellent and very affordable. They repaired my wife's wedding ring for about a third of what the store in the mall wanted to charge us. And we BOUGHT IT AT THE MALL. Apparently, resizing is not part of the warranty. Very quick work and very honest. I inquired about replacing the stone in my wedding band with a genuine sapphire and the salesman rather than try to sell me something I didn't really need, told me a real sapphire wouldn't look or shine any different than what I had already. I will definitely go back to them when I need some more repairs or new jewlry.

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