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    Newfoundland and Labrador
    St. John's
    36 Pearson Street
    A1A 3R1

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    • Buying Scrap
    • eCommerce Facility
    • Numismatic Coins
    • Silver Coins and Bars

    We are an organization committed to preserving and promoting Newfoundland and Labrador's amazing history through collectibles. This site has been designed so that it is easy to navigate. Just click on the relevant bars to the left of your screen to help you find what you are looking for.

    Although our specialty is in Newfoundland and Canadian coins and banknotes of which we are amongst the biggest buyers in Canada, we are also very active buyers of scrap gold, stamps, old Newfoundland documents, Royal Newfoundland Regiment medals and memorabilia, pre 1960 comic book collections, etc. etc. These days, everyone is buying scrap gold jewelry due to record prices of gold. Don't fall for the scams! If buyers won't tell you what they are paying per gram then walk away. There are many reputable dealers out there, many of whom we would recommend but there are many others looking to make a quick buck. Why would you sell your gold for $5 or $10 a gram when reputable companies like East Coast Coins will pay you more than double (and often triple) that amount? Check out our tips for selling your scrap gold - it may save you thousands of dollars.

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