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    J Talbot
    February 22, 2016
    Very Satisfied Customer

    I have done business with Goldline for 40 years and am in my late 80's now. I just cashed in 500k in gold and Goldline payed me 9 percent over spot. I checked locally because I thought it would be easier to just sell it and get the check rather than mail in my gold. The local coin shops offered me 15% under the going rate and none of them would buy back the quantity I wanted to sell. GOLDLINE WAS TRUE TO THEIR WORD AND GOT ME MY MONEY IN 3 DAYS. I highly Recommend Goldline

    A. Brooks Ballard
    February 3, 2016
    Stay Away

    I rolled over some of my IRA funds to gold and although they talked to me about their 'buy back value' I was shocked when my first statement arrived and found that the value of gold purchased was 40% less that funds provided to them. The sales pitch was fast talking and confusing. I also purchased card of 'their specialty" 1/10 ounce bullion coins/bars for a Christmas gift - for that the value was only 65% of the money I paid them and it took them 5 weeks to send it to me. Overpriced! Getting product was like pulling teeth! STAY AWAY

    October 11, 2015

    I contacted Goldline based on the GLENN BECK recommendation! I could not get a straight answer from the"account manager",She kept telling me about the buy back and other companies do not offer that, all I asked for is" HOW MUCH IS 1 OUNCE OF GOLD OR SILVER IF I BUY FROM YOU?!" SHE WAS VERY EVASIVE IN HER ANSWERS, when I pressured her she actually told me that 1 OUNCE OF GOLD IS $1327.00! THAT'S $200 OVER SPOT, I ALSO ASKED ABOUT THE NEW CREDIT CARD SIZE ITEM WITH 5 X 1/10 ONCE GOLD, I TOLD HER THAT GLENN BECK IS PUSHING THIS ITEM AT ABOUT $800.00!, Are you kidding Glenn? That's $1600.00 for 1 ounce, how the **** does that enable you to be secure when each 1/10 is only worth about $110.00? Then she accused me of calling just to say Goldline was ripping people off! I told her if this was a piece of their customer service I would not be dealing with them, She hung up!! DO NOT BUY FROM GOLDLINE, THEY DO NOT ADVERTISE THEIR PRICES FOR A REASON! SHAME ON GLENN BECK FOR SUPPORTING THIS SCAM!!

    September 20, 2015

    They tried to sell us Austrian ducats with a markup of 35 percent. Luckily I called back and asked how much the company would buy back the coins for and after much discussion they sent 30percent more coins. When buying gold only buy bullion coins that are allowed in Ira plans and don't buy from Goldline.

    August 11, 2015

    Don't buy from Goldline! Getting your shipment will be like pulling teeth! Way over priced and too many gimmicks!Three weeks and i finally got it.

    Tim Graham
    June 2, 2015
    Stay Away

    This company (Gold Line) is filled with slick car salesmen. They are way over priced and very pushy. The read scripts and quote the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and such. Their BBB is rating purchased as is their endorsements They have no answers to real questions. All they wish to do is sell you and then you'll feel like two cents waiting on change. Don't waste your time with these thieves. Buy from a solid company that has a better review than Gold Line at 1.6 stars.

    January 24, 2015
    Terrible experience.

    I ordered gold coins and received gold pellets. This was not made clear ago me. They were also deceptive regarding the cost of buying Gold. When I took it and had it weighed it was 63.8% of the money I sent to them. This company literally stole from me. They took over $35% of my money. When I called to question this they were extremely rude to me. Obviously these people have no integrity. I would NEVER deal with this company again and I would highly recommend no one else deal with them.

    L Herdn
    May 17, 2014

    GOLDLINE purchased 1.6 ounces of gold and was over charged by 1200 dollars. Have been in a 2 year fight to get the money refunded. Never buy from Goldline. They are the worst in the business. don't trust one word they say. Purchase your gold from a local dealer in your area in person

    February 28, 2014

    They charge 200 dollars over spot on a one ounce gold eagle where as other dealers come in about 50 over spot. Their prices are absolutely insane and anyone who buys from them are gigantic fools. I was offered a free coin if I knew of Glen Beck., I said I did and the woman tells me about the coin I am getting and of course it has NO Precious metal. What she was offering me was not a coin but some type of token. Her use of the word coin is wrong and could be considered fraud. Stay away from these people. One last thing, they do offer a decent price for buyback BUT the spread they have is obscene and pure thievery.

    Dave M
    March 21, 2013
    Absurd pricing

    I did not buy from Goldline, the only reason there are any stars in this review is because I was required to input some value. I contacted GL about ordering 100 Silver Eagles and 1/10 oz. Gold Eagles. They wanted 42.00 dollars per Silver Eagle when everyone else was asking 35-36 dollars. For the 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle, they wanted 260.00 per coin when other sites were asking 190-195. When I asked the sales rep why so much over spot, he replied something to the effect of “we are not the cheapest, there plenty of sites that sell cheaper gold and silver, the higher premium reflects the value and guaranteed service GL provides". His actual sales pitch was a lot longer, and seemed to make sense, (for about 5 seconds) until I realized gold would have to hit about 2600.00 per oz. just to break even. The only Guarantee I could be sure of was, I was going to pay $700.00 to $800.00 more for the privilege of ordering from Goldline.............NO THANK YOU!!

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