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    December 19, 2015
    Too long to ship - Excuses

    Ordered and thought shipping in my case would be after payment cleared. No notice on any delayed shipping. All others I purchase from make sure - in large boxes, highlighted, you know you are ordering delayed shipped. I saw no notice for this item. After payment cleared, and shipping was ordered internally by G&S, and 2 weeks of no shipping, I contacted and was given an excuse of delay by the metal producer. I was promised a shipment was just arriving and my metal would be out next week for sure. 10 days later, after no shipping, I contacted them again, actually dealt with the same rep, who gave me the same excuse. I called him on it and then he let go with this zinger: we are not a warehouse that has and keeps metals in stock. I eventually did receive my metal, but I will not be ordering from them again.

    September 24, 2015
    Cant Fill Orders Promptly. Keep You In The Dark

    I purchased Eagles and rounds from G&S. Eagles were shipped promptly. A week past expected ship date for rounds I call and am told by a rather clueless gal "We just got a "BIG" shipment in and are filling orders." A week later same story. Week later same story. People on the phone cant answer simple questions like "based on the number of orders you have to fill and the "BIG" order you got will mine be filled?. You think they were still using a paper based system and have no accounting of inventory versus orders. You might as well as them to explain what gravity or time is with regard to your order. 3 weeks after expected ship date my order is finally trackable. Almost 2 months since original order date. This was only 20 rounds. You know what they say "..if you dont hold it..." With G&S you may not for a lot longer than you would think. Disappointed. Will return to APMEX and others I have used in the past

    September 21, 2015
    Never again!

    I purchased over 300 oz. of bullion on August 24, 2015. My funds were immediately wired to and received by GoldSilver on the same day in compliance with their demand. They insist orders will process upon receipt of bank wire. When my order processed, I was given a shipment date of September 17. I called a week prior to the stated shipment date to confirm, and the representative told me it will still ship ontime on the 17th of Sep. I called the day prior, the 16th to again confirm, and I was told by a man named Christian that the shipment is delayed two to three weeks minimum because the minting vendor had "an equipment breakdown". I asked how they can take my funds, promise a date of shipment, then fail to fill my order and ship as promised. Christian said "Mike Maloney is furious, and he is letting the vendor have it for not meeting their obligation." This was a Wednesday, 09/16/15, and Christian said Mike Maloney was sending an email to all clients the prior Monday. No email ever went out; I have not received any update, change notice, or anything relating to information regarding my order and the fact that they took my money in good faith and failed to meet their promise. I was scammed, because someone is holding my funds, and there is no information available to allay my concerns. How is it that Mike Maloney, snake oil salesman, gets away with such fraudulent action. He took a lot of money from me, and he is either spending my money, speculating with my money, or at the very least earning interest on MY funds. How many others have been treated like I have? I read this guy's book, listened to his cocksure statements on the dire need to hedge against the collapse of the dollar with bullion, and listened to his name-dropping comments about his partnership with Robert Kiyosaki, etc. etc. as he builds the illusion that he is knowledgeable, reputable, and true to his word. His word is no good. There is no way to correspond other than to speak with someone who knows nothing more than how to placate the caller. There is no email vehicle; only a "live chatline", because there is no paper trail with a chatline. Clever but not perfect. Presently, I am meeting with my lawyers to address this apparent scam. We WILL act accordingly. From now on, I stick with JM Bullion, because their word is good, and they ship within two days of purchase, and they've never failed to deliver on-time. Maloney wants to be a premier dealer, but he plays like a snake oil salesman. Stay away from GoldSilver. Protect your funds.

    September 7, 2015
    Two months and still waiting

    i bought Pegasus rounds on July 7 and still have not received them. I called customer service last week and was told i would get them later that week. still nothing. Will just stick to jm bullion and provident now.

    Miguel Rabago
    August 6, 2015

    So today, after 3 weeks waiting, was the date they should have shipped my order. As my previews review explained, these guys sell items they do not have. I for one did not see their SUPER TINY disclaimer under the picture stating they will ship after 3 weeks. Of course all the other serious sellers will have HUGE banners, even pop-ups, WARNING YOU that your order could be A COUPLE OF DAYS late. This is not the case with GoldSilver, they sell stock they do not have, with a tiny disclaimer. OK, I will suck it, and wait. Then the day of the shipping comes and they say I have to wait ANOTHER WEEK! What is keeping these guys from telling me this every week? Have I been robbed? If you don't hold it you don't own it, do you? Well think twice before sending these guys your money, they are SPECULATING with it. I do not know if I have been swindled, I put my modest year savings into a purchase and waited a month and nothing has been sent to be held. I asked for a refund but they offered me to sell it back to me CHEAPER!! FOR **** SAKES, they want to make money out of an order they never fulfilled and they did not honor! STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS, honest to god suppliers will be STRAIGHT FORWARD about stock and ship right away or OTHERWISE CLEARLY STATE IT BEFORE YOU PAY. Horrible experience, I am trying to hold silver in case of emergencies and I do not have silver nor money to buy another essentials. Dreadful experience.

    Pamela Shimek
    July 27, 2015

    Do not order from this company. I placed an order July 9, 2015, my check cleared the bank July 13th. They have yet to ship my order, fourteen days after they received payment.When I called customer service they told me they did not enough product and possibly it would be shipped to me by the end of next week. How can you sell something you don't have!!!!!!

    Miguel A. Rabago
    July 19, 2015

    Completely unacceptable. I have no idea how they operate, but I paid for my order this week and AFTER I paid they tell me the order will take 2 to 3 weeks to be shipped. I feel they are using my money to speculate instead of to sell me their stock. I said this because they keep offering stock they do not have and with prices going down, they are obviously trying to buy at a lower price from their supplier. I will NEVER buy from them, I am sure they will eventually ship, but when you trust them with your savings in a time of economic tribulation what you need is CERTAINTY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY. Other suppliers pause their operations until they get their stock back, or they advise you up-front of delays in shipping. But these guys will make you believe you are buying their stock, for all you know they are gambling with your money for 2 or 3 weeks. DO NOT USE THEM. have a 1-3 day policy and they say it upfront: WE DO NOT SELL WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE. Now that is the girt and honesty you want from a dealer you trust your life savings to. I have not received a tracking number 3 days after purchasing and won't receive a tracking number (let alone my package) in 2 or 3 weeks. I am writing this before the waiting line is up, but my review is about their dishonesty about stock.

    June 29, 2015
    Still Waiting for my oder...

    I ordered Silver from this site. It's been almost 3 weeks that they have had my money, and I still do not have a tracking # for the order. Use APMEX I placed an order with them the same day, and got the shipment that same week.

    October 10, 2014
    Unacceptable Service

    I was given an expected delivery date and NO Delivery, Called Post Office, It STILL hasn't left LA. No update information. GOLD SILVER has had my money for 2 weeks now, before expected delivery. THIS is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. It's not like I ordered shampoo. I have a considerable amount of money taken from my savings and they could care less about their customer service in getting my purchase to me in a timely manner. They offered to send me a book and CD; like that's going to make it better. Most people know "can't trust the P.O; so WHY do they use them? They make plenty of money on our orders; they should be more caring about getting our orders to us in a timely fashion. NOT wait 2 Weeks! ALL they are interested in is taking our order. After that: they don't care. I'm SURE I can get better service and perhaps better deals elsewhere! They have had my LAST order. And I feel it is my duty to report this to everyone I know. Wouldn't want others to be misled.

    March 14, 2014
    Smooth Order

    The ordering process went without a hitch. The item shipped when they said it would ship and I soon received the items thereafter. All around an easy and smooth purchase. Will buy from again gladly.

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