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    • eCommerce Facility
    • Gold Coins and Bars
    • Gold IRA
    • Hand Poured Products
    • Silver Coins and Bars

    Our Team has devoted tens of thousands of hours serving the precious metals investor community. We have fulfilled hundreds of thousands of unique transactions, totaling more than $1 Billion in precious metals trades. Our experience has taught us the one thing that really matters - relationships. If we do right by you, you're going to want to do business with us again and again.

    Because of our expereince, we provide a meticulously curated selection of only the most liquid and highly sought-after products. You can be confident that any purchase from Heartland is a sound investment. With fair, transparent pricing and up-to-the-second reports, Heartland empowers you to make the wisest investment decisions to secure your financial future. Finally, we know that convenient service from a friendly, well-trained professional is important to our customers, which is why our experts undergo hundreds of hours of training. At Heartland, that's what matters most to us - strong relationships with our customers.

    We will be completely transparent with our buying and selling prices. You deserve transparency. For every transaction, you plainly see a published online price for the current spot prices, current buy back pricing, current sales prices including volume based tier pricing, plus we even caluclate the premium price over spot for you, which is already included in the regular price. We will not sell you investments that are not a good fit for you. That's why we only carry about 100 carefully selected products, not thousands. What you see on our site are the products that the marketplace trades nine times out of 10. Whether you liquidate now or in 50 years, these products are tried and true and will stand the test of time.That's why we will never hard sell you. No one in our company is on any kind of commission. We won't try to convince you to buy anything. What we will do is listen to you and do our very best to provide what you're looking for. That's why, when you call us during business hours, you'll reach a professional right away. At minimum, that professional will have undergone hundreds of hours of training to understand the nuances of the marketplace. You'll be helped immediately, and, in almost every instance, your transaction will be handled by that same professional from start to finish. We will buy back anything we sell.

    One of the major concerns all investors have, regardless of the investment, is having the ability to turn a hard asset into currency whenever you need it. We will always provide you a place to sell your precious metals investments, even if you have purchased them elsewhere.

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