Kaloti Precious Metals reviewed by KPM
    November 30, 2016
    Great UAE Bullion Dealer of the Year : KALOTI PRECIOUS METALS

    With “City of Gold” Dubai’s sights firmly set on becoming the global hub for physical gold trading – the region has become a centre of excellence in the refining of precious metals – and family-owned Kaloti are at the forefront of this movement. The UAE category saw the strongest voting turnout overall, with Kaloti taking first place thanks to 2621 votes from the 6920 total. Market giant Emirates Gold shared joint second place with brokers DHAB DMCC, part of the Swiss Bullion Group – with these three companies taking a combined 91.7% of the Emirati vote. Kaloti’s success must in part be down to their broad depth of services covering every sector of the precious metals market, from mining to refining, minting and testing, to retail and wholesale bullion and jewellery sales – which together with 9 offices across 6 countries sees a lot of volume.

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