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    August 21, 2013
    Got a great price on gold bullion

    I was looking to buy an assortment of gold bullion such as maple leafs, eagles, bars, krugerrands, and philharmonics just to name a few. Not only did they have everything, but they couldn't of been nicer and easier to work with. If you need bulk gold bullion just save yourself the time and just talk to Mint State Gold. Great Job!

    August 17, 2013
    Awesome silver eagles!

    With Silver Eagles taking 4-8 weeks right now it’s nice to find a company who keeps extra in stock. No waiting with these guys. Sent them a wire on Monday, they shipped same day, and I just got my coins! GREAT JOB! DEFINITELY CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!

    Kelly H.
    August 16, 2013
    Got a great price on my gold jewelry

    My grandmother died and left me some beautiful jewelry that I needed to sell to pay off my house. I shopped around to see who could help me and pay the best price. After checking around I'm so happy that I found MSG. They helped me out with shipping the coins, paid me top dollar, and I got the money wired to me immediately. Very very very happy! Thank you! I'll definitely refer any friends in the future.

    Peyman Ardestani
    August 16, 2013
    Great Place to Buy Rare Coins!!!

    After 5 years of building my Morgan Dollar and Saint Collections it's been getting kind of difficult to find coins to fill in the holes or even upgrade my set. I found Mint State Gold on eBay and went to their website directly. And I must say that they not only have some beautiful rare pieces, but they are very helpful. After my first order, which was beautifully packaged by the way, they talked to me about my want list and are giving me first shot at coins before they are even released publicly! If you're looking to build a Morgan/Saint set (after me...haha) then drop them a line.

    April 19, 2013

    I did not recieve what I ordered. I palced an order for 10 Arcadia 5 oz coins and did not recieve it after 3 months. I was told it would be delayed for 30 days then sent. They sent the order after another 30 days so they would not have to refund. (Silver had dropped quite a bit) They substituted the coins with another, did not tell me that it was subtituted and listed what I ordered on the invoice. THIS COMPANY IS DECEPTIVE AND I WILL NOT ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN. I contacted them to get my order fixed or a complete refund on the order and they would not do it. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID

    March 19, 2013

    Was looking for a couple 2013 Green Monsters. I must admit that pretty much everyone was between $1-$25 apart from one another so price really wasn't the issue. So after speaking to Mint State Gold I felt the most comfortable with them. They had the boxes in stock (like they said), they knew didn't push me to buy other coins (some other companies listed did), they gave me several payment options/exact shipping times (really appreciated), and the only extra cost was shipping and they told me about it straight out of the gate (no surprising me with any extra weird fees). A+++++ WILL DEFINITELY BE USING THEM AGAIN!!!!

    Louis V
    March 13, 2013

    I found this company on here and couldn't of been more satisfied! I called interested in buying some gold maple leafs/silver eagles and they were extremely helpful and nice! Plus since I paid with my paypal THEY SHIPPED THE SAME DAY! I JUST GOT THE PACKAGE THIS MORNING AND I BOUGHT YESTERDAY! I don't understand how some companies quote 6-8 weeks. These's guys were 1 DAY! Oh and one other thing I really liked about them is that they never pushed some random coin at me. I called around while doing my research and kept getting told to buy other coins. They just asked me a few simple questions and told me how I was actuall buying the right coins. When I asked why then didn't push another coin at me they told me that it was because they have no commissioned sales reps hired to push products with higher profit margins. It's nice to know that my own research actually paid off :)

    John L Mendez
    March 12, 2013
    The Worst customer service bar none!

    As an individual investor conducting due diligence, I contacted them asking basic questions regarding an order of thirty (33) 1 ounce Gold Maple Leafs. The first rep who answered as a TOTAL jerk on the phone repeatedly whining about the small profit margin they make. When Mr. Semple came on he LIED saying they're the Canadian Mint's authorized US dealer (they're NOT)! They displayed an unhealthy contempt instead of respect for an individual investor conducting due diligence ~ PS: the ratings I gave them are generous!

    David G
    February 5, 2013
    BU Saints

    I did some research online and was interested in buying a volume of BU $20 Saint Gaudens for investment. I found Mint State Gold through here and although there price was competitive to begin with. I did notice however in the listing that it said "volume discounts available". So I figured what the heck I'll give them a call. I spoke to a really nice guy named David who not only gave me an AMAZING DISCOUNT! They upgraded my order for FREE and they SHIPPED NEXT DAY! I must say I've bought from a variety of the big names over the years including APMEX and Gainesville and have have issues with coins not being available or given the run around, but not with Mint State Gold. Since then I've done a few more trades and it's always been top quality service. If you want to get a great price and fast shipping then these guys are definitely worth a call.

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