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    May 4, 2016
    Competitive prices, honest service

    These guys put out some major content, probably the best source for precious metals related news out there in the industry. You can tell they know what they’re talking about. The weekly podcasts are great and they have lots of really good guests David Morgan, Gerald Celente, Chris Martenssen, Michael Pento, someone from GATA (don’t remember his name). I just wish they had a guest every week but it seems to be like once every 2 to 3 weeks unfortunately, but the market updates themselves are good. Their pricing seems pretty competitive – they are cheaper than most but not the cheapest – and their selection is really good. I’ve bought from them twice and their service is really solid. Good notifications, on time shipping, etc. They definitely have their act together overall but what I like about them the best is the awesome content.

    April 5, 2016
    5 star dealer

    I’ve just voted for Money Metals Exchange in the bullion dealer awards and have rated them 5 star here and I’ll tell you for why. It’s been 15 years I’ve been buying precious metals in small quantities here and there, trying out different dealers for 2 or 3 purchases at a time until they either make a big mistake or outright lie to me. From small companies to some of the well known national so-called experts I’ve had equally poor to average service at best. MME kind of just appeared on my radar suddenly as I’d never heard of them before but I read their blog pages and listened to some of Mike’s excellent podcasts and decided I’d give them a go. Best decision I’ve made. They have been the utmost in professionalism and courtesy every time I’ve dealt with them and their prices and fees match and even better some of the companies I’d consider as being “value”. They deserve to win the title of Bullion Dealer of the Year and I really hope they do as so many companies could learn from their setup.

    February 9, 2016
    Positive experience

    I’ve been buying gold and silver from Money Metals Exchange for about three years now. I first learned about them from the newsletter Independent Living that they were affiliated with at the time. The bullion dealer was ‘spun off’ to create MME. MME has a monthly investment program where you can automatically buy gold or silver (or both) each month. You can decide how much of each (cash or ounces) is purchased and on what date (4 or 5 different days of the month) the purchase is executed. They can ship every month or once every 3 months which will save on shipping costs. MME is usually one of the lowest as far as cost and the premium they charge is clearly stated in the cost you’re paying. Not all dealers due this, if they do it’s sometimes very hard to find out what the premium actually is. They also buy gold and silver. I haven’t ever sold any so I can’t really comment on that. The premium they charge when selling is also clearly stated. I’ve only called to place an order once. A real person (from the U.S.) answered the phone almost immediately which was surprising considering the fact that gold and silver prices were plummeting that day and a lot of people were trying to place an order. FYI … no one was selling. The only minor con I can say about MME is they are a bit slow in shipping. I can understand this as they are a relatively small (but growing rapidly) company and they use the cheapest shipping option. You can have it shipped faster, but it will obviously cost more. MME also publishes a quarterly newsletter and you can sign up for email alerts and market wrap-ups.

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