Money Metals Exchange reviewed by Mike
    April 5, 2016
    5 star dealer

    I’ve just voted for Money Metals Exchange in the bullion dealer awards and have rated them 5 star here and I’ll tell you for why. It’s been 15 years I’ve been buying precious metals in small quantities here and there, trying out different dealers for 2 or 3 purchases at a time until they either make a big mistake or outright lie to me. From small companies to some of the well known national so-called experts I’ve had equally poor to average service at best. MME kind of just appeared on my radar suddenly as I’d never heard of them before but I read their blog pages and listened to some of Mike’s excellent podcasts and decided I’d give them a go. Best decision I’ve made. They have been the utmost in professionalism and courtesy every time I’ve dealt with them and their prices and fees match and even better some of the companies I’d consider as being “value”. They deserve to win the title of Bullion Dealer of the Year and I really hope they do as so many companies could learn from their setup.

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