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    PrestigiousBullion started out as just a hobby, the second of now 7 Affiliates, and the biggest by far. The creation of our first site www.CopperC lead to the creation of PrestigiousBullion, and we have been on the rise ever since.

    Attention to trending issues, details during the purchasing phase, and listening to our Diverse Clientel and the issue they had and the items they wished to see has really been our key points of  our rise, we understand that losing site of this will also lead to our demise. We are constantly thinking concepts and doing Research and Development. Check out 5 Pound Satin style Finish with inserted 1oz. copper bullion round. Available now on our website, and wait just a few as we bring out a Titanium Bullion art bar that will absolutely out Shine the rest- Literally. This is why we are the trusted name in this market for Custom made pieces just for you, and how we stay at the head of the industry.

    At the present we remain at the forefront of this industry. Our line of .999 Fine Copper Bullion Art Bar Collectibles is unmatched Worldwide. We have achieved much success but with much more to do. With the help of our Parent Company PMLLC, and our customer base, we have many exciting future plans. Our 7 Affiliates are proving incredibly versatile and team players, this will help sustain our growth for years to come.

    As for the future we can only tell you this, we will be their at the forefront of some cutting edge designing. On point with Raw Materials for your projects and needs, and ready to Fabricate almost anything you may want created. Expect some major unseen advances, and the emerging of PrestigiousBullion not just in America but overseas also.

             It is our greatest joy to serve you, and we are humbled and  thankful to be well on our way to “Apple Pie” and the “American Dream”. Something most think is lost- Not lost, just needed to be reinvented. This all started out as a hobby, a hobby that has now grown into a successful Family operated business. If we can do it so can you, so if your trying to think of a way to get your Family a piece of Apple Pie thiers only one way to think. Think PRESTIGIOUS and you cant go wrong !!!

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