Provident Metals reviewed by Kevin Filippini
    Kevin Filippini
    January 22, 2016
    Terrible Customer Service/Inaccurate Description of Service

    Ordered a gold coin from Provident on 12/30/2015. They asked that I send postmarked payment by 12/31/2015. Sent payment on 12/31/2015. According to Provident, payment was not received by them until 1/8/2016. This is a lie. Then I contacted the customer service hotline and discussed that I would be out of town the week of 1/18-1/22. I explained that I could have my mail held if they were shipping it USPS and that this would be acceptable. She assured me that it would be shipped USPS. I later recevied an email that my order was shipped UPS and that the scheduled delivery date would be on 1/18. Of course I am out-of-town and cannot receive it. I promptly called Chandler who said that he would check into the situation and call me back the next business day. He never called. After I filed a complaint with the company he sent me a message saying that he attempted to call me but I did not answer. Another lie. My phone was on all day and I never received an email. Now I must travel 25 miles to a UPS center to pick up this order. Poor customer service. Poor communication. Cannot trust them.

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