2019 Chiwoo Cheonwang 1clay Silver Bu


    The Chiwoo Cheonwang Series is composed of images that represent a timeline of time-honored stories about this legendary warrior. The first release in 2016 presented Chiwoo holding a spear and shield ready for war. The second release in 2017 showed that Chiwoo was drawn uo in full array on horseback before charging into battlefield. The third release in 2018 expressed Chiwoo wielding a sword atop his mighty warhorse on the battlefield. The fourth release in 2019 features Chiwoo observing battlefield and standing resolute for the next battle.


    Head - Traditionally, ancient Korean folks made Gwi-myeonwa ( Yong-myeon-wa) : normally called "Do ggae bi* Ki-wa" and hung at the both ends of roof tiles for the purpose of placing a stronger spirit to chase away evil spirits. The Do ggae bi on the Gwi- myeon-wa, unlike its grotesque looks, has a distinct humane and humorous characteristic. Do ggae bi is Korea's own unique mythical being referred as a ghost, a monster or a god, similar to the hob-goblin from Western Culture.

    Tail - The reverse depicts Chiwoo standing in the middle of a dry mountain, observing the once fierce battlefield. The longing for the next victorious battle emerges from his vigorous spirit.

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