2019 South Korea 1oz ZISIN SCROFA Silver Proof


    The third release in the Zi:Sin Series comes from KOMSCO with the design of Scrofa.

    The collection features images of the 12 Guardians, with each of the guardians representing leading soldiers in the armies of God. In Korean culture, these individuals represent protectors who serve as the leading edge for the armies of good when facing off with evil in the world. Right now, the 2019 1 oz South Korean Zi:Sin Scrofa Silver Medal is available to you for purchase online from TODAY., LTD.

    Medal Highlights: Arrives inside of a protective plastic flip or tubes of 25 medals! 3rd issue of the Zi:Sin Series silver medals! Limited mintage of only 1.000 medals! Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver in Proof condition. Obverse includes Chiwoo Cheonwangs shield design. Reverse features the image of the guardian known as Scrofa in military regalia. Each of the individual 2019 1 oz South Korean Zi:Sin Scrofa Silver Medals in this listing is in Proof condition from KOMSCO. The medals are packaged in beautiful Gwi-myeon-wa shaped box with certificated printed on the box.

    Scrofa is the third character in the 12 Guardians program of silver for sale and matches the corresponding Chinese lunar calendars Year of the Pig. Scrofa is one of Gods 12 leading warriors. She is known as Justice Haechi and is sworn to protect the scared Salt Lake, a place that serves as the connection between the world of the mortal and that of the immortals. Like other members of the 12 Guardians, she possesses her own unique abilities that give her the upper hand during battle. On the reverse of 2019 1 oz South Korean Zi:Sin Scrofa Silver Medals is the image of the guardian Scrofa. She is depicted standing at the edge of the Salt Lake with a long sword she is ready to take up in defense of the mortal world. She wears full military dress and looks down in a moment of calm that could represent that moment before the storm. Among her abilities in battle is the power to use her five senses to detect evil forces from afar. The obverse of 2019 Zi:Sin Scrofa Silver Medals features a common design used on all coins in this collection. Here, you'll find the battle shield of Chiwoo Cheonwang that bears the terrifying image of Do ggae bis face.

    KOMSCO stands for Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation. The government-owned corporation was founded on October 1, 1951, and serves as the official mint for the Republic of Korea.

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