Beautiful Dolphin & Sea Horse silver coins set

    This unique set is the final edition to the Marine Life Protection collection.
    CIT’s Marine Life Protection collection began in 1992 and has become well-loved by collectors across the globe for its intricately detailed depictions of marine life and its efforts in raising awareness for sea conservation. Now in 2017, this long-running commemorative coin series comes to an end with a very special set. 

    This unique edition features two piedfort .999 silver coins dedicated to two of the ocean’s most beloved sea creatures: dolphins and seahorses. Dolphins and seahorses are well-known aquatic animals found in oceans throughout the world. While there are many different species, dolphins are generally known for their intelligence and jumping, and seahorses for their interesting tails. 
    Using ultra high relief smartminting technology, this set shows each animal in detail like never before. The background of each coin features other fish in vivid colour, as if they were happily swimming alongside the dolphin and seahorse. The other side of the coins depicts two mermaids as well as inscriptions of the coins’ country of issue and value. 

    The final edition of an iconic series, this set is a true collectible. 
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