Beautiful Silver Lucky Panda Coin

    This coin symbolizes luck and is a touching tribute to one of the world’s rarest animal species.
    Giant panda bears are an indigenous species in China. Today, these adorable creatures rank high on the endangered species list, with approximately just 1000 left in the wild. 

    Historically, these shy animals were believed to possess many mystical and magical properties according to Chinese legend. Their pelts were often worn by royalty as symbols of strength or used to prevent and protect from disease. Their black and white coloring was also considered to represent the concept of yin and yang or harmony, which was is also believed to be embodied in panda bears’ typically relaxed personalities. 

    Today, giant pandas are fiercely protected and severe measures have been implemented in China to protect their survival. This as well as various conservation efforts, particularly with regards to deforestation, will hopefully work to raise the numbers of this rare population. 

    Mother pandas have an incubation period of 5 months and usually give birth to just one panda per pregnancy. At birth, panda cubs weigh a mere 140 grams and they do not begin to crawl until 3 months old. At birth, panda cubs have a white pelt, with their black spots only beginning to show as they age. After about 18 months under their mother’s supervision, young pandas become independent. This is when they are able to fend for themselves, establishing a shelter and eating up to 20 different varieties of bamboo. 

    Extra digits on panda’s paws help them to break pieces of bamboo and once they leave their mother, pandas live very solitary lives, spending all of their time either eating or resting. Therefore, a panda’s relationship with their mother is the most significant one they'll likely ever have - making this coin even more special! 

    This one of a kind .999 antique-finish silver coin is in the shape of a mother and baby panda in an embrace. A portrait of Queen Elizabeth II can be found on the coin’s other side and the coin comes in its own special ‘Lucky Panda 2017’ box. 
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