Chinggis Khaan 2016 Silver Coin

    This silver coin features the great Chinggis Khaan, who is famous for leading the Mongolians to a united empire between 1206 and 1227.
    Chinggis Khaan was born around 1162, and died on 18th August 1227, after being the head of the Mongol empire, which, by the end of his reign, occupied most of Central Asia and China. He died after having defeated the Western Xia. Today, nobody knows where he was buried because the grave was unmarked. 
    Chinggis Khaan had started something amazing. After his death, the Mongol empire spread through all of modern day China, Korea, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and large areas of modern Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia, and Russia. Chinggis Khaan adopted Uyghur script as the writing system for the Mongol empire, practiced religious tolerance, and meritocracy. These practices, as well as his wisdom, helped unify the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia, as well as communication and trade between all of Asia and Christian Europe. Mongolians today consider him to be the founder of Mongolia. There is even a statue in his honor on the bank of the Tuul River.
    It is clear why this great warrior deserves a coin in his honor. This highly detailed, one ounce silver coin captured him perfectly! 

    This issue, which shows a portrait of Genghis Khan in clear high relief, focuses on portraying the size and ferocity of this personality. The coin is a technical masterpiece, because the high relief is made with Smartminting, which is almost twice as high as that of the previous issues of this series. Having all the coins of the series showing the same image allows the comparison of all the strengths and peculiarities Smartminting had, and clearly highlights the fascinating results that it can achieve. 
    Discover the Chinggis Khaan 2016 silver edition coin at

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