How to Find the Cheapest 1 oz American Gold Eagle


    How often do you ask youself where to buy coins cheaper and how to find the best prices on gold and silver? In this article we will show you how to find the cheaperst 1 oz gold American Eagle coin in three clicks.

    You're at the homepage. Click on "Compare Prices" button.

    Type your request "1 oz gold eagle" and press "Search".

    Here you see offers from 27 dealers, best price for 1 coin and best price for bulk purchases (it's marked "As Low As"). Click on "27 offers" to see price comparison.

    Scroll down to see all offers.

    Let's choose the dealer with free shipping. Click on the button "Go To Buy".

    The system redirects us to Bullion Exchanges website. Click on the button "Add to Cart".

    Small tip: pay via check or bank wire to avoid paying comission. Click on "Proceed to Checkout".

    Login to your existing account or register on the website to complete order.

    Congrats! You've bought the cheapest 1 oz American Eagle gold coin!

    Hope this article will help you to better understand search on

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