Imperial Egg Shaped, Cloisonné Technique Silver Coin

    This coin has a touch of the Imperial Russia as well as a touch of the Far East. It recalls the Fabergé eggs of Czarist Russia and the Cloisonné technique of the Ming dynasty of the 15th and 16th century.
    Eggs are not only an important food source for humans and animals, they are also a common symbol of fertility, rebirth and resurrection over time and are most commonly given as gifts around Easter time. In various mythologies, the egg is the origin of the gods, in Indian mythology even of the whole universe. 

    Many different cultures also used eggs as burial objects. It either represented a food accompaniment or resurrection. Items made of gold, jewelry and coins were given to the deceased to accompany them on their journey. 

    This coin is shaped as an egg. One side displays a special Cloisonné work with sparkling gems. 
    Discover the Imperial egg in Cloisonné technique silver coin at

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