Introducing the Amy Brown Fantasy Art Silver Rounds collection!

    Osborne Mint

    Amy Brown is listed as one of the top ten fantasy artists in the world for 2017. She has an enormous fan base (close to a million followers solely on Facebook!), and her art is recognized worldwide.

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    About Amy Brown's paintings

    She began painting faeries in the early 1990s. While working in a small art gallery, her boss requested that she fill an empty frame. Amy painted a faery – the art piece sold immediately and her destiny began. Soon her art was selling at local shops and street fairs. Her passion for watercolor painting and love of the faery realm kept her immersed in creating her fantastical paintings. She
    opened a website and began selling her originals online worldwide, and the demand for her art grew. Amy has created over 2,000 paintings and licensed dozens of products. Her artwork can be seen in many books, calendars, and websites and even products, which increases her popularity as more people are exposed to her work.

    Amy describes faeries, as "… often wise, majestic and beautiful. Sometimes they are terrible and cruel. They embody grace, mystery, wonder and miracles as well as despair, trickery and desire. Wings can be a symbol of freedom, enlightenment and spiritual growth; or power and strength. Horns and antlers hint at ageless wisdom and grace in some Fae and malice and cunning in others. Feathers signify free spirits or a dark and mournful nature. In the Faery realm, all things become possible and not all is what it seems.”

    About the Series

    The series consists of six designs die struck in one ounce and five ounce .999 fine silver. Each one and five ounce design is available in proof, antique and colorized finishes. Artwork for the series includes: The Red Queen, Lady of the Forest, Second Cousins, Discovery, Wall Flower and Dragon Secrets. The standard reverse of the series is Dusk.

    Premiering the series is The Red Queen. She is seen majestically strolling along with her mystical unicorn companion. A pair of antlers emanate from the crown of her head denoting her infinite wisdom. The unicorn and a small bird accompany The Red Queen as she traverses the Faery Realm holding an ornate scepter, which is a symbol of her authority. Large, wondrous wings rise from her back and trail behind her along with her flowing, matching dress. The Red Queen art was created in 2016.


    The common reverse for all of the one ounce and five ounce rounds is Dusk. Dusk displays a Faery with large, graceful, feathered wings. Her long hair is flowing in the breeze as she peers out dreamily from her vantage point. Her upper arms are adorned with encircling bracelets. While Dusk is shown seated, it appears as though she could come up and off the surface of the coin at any moment. The background displays stars twinkling in the early evening twilight. The text Amy Brown Collection appears across the top rocker of the coin with the weight and purity at the bottom center. Dusk was created in 2003 and was featured in the book The Art of Amy Brown II.

    Mintage & Specifications

    Mintage numbers:


    Round specification & highlights:

    • Available in protective capsules with Certificate of Authenticity.
    • 1st release in the Amy Brown Collection!
    • Obverse features the new Red Queen design created in 2016.
    • Reverse includes a common design based on the fairy from Dusk.
    • Round designs based on original artwork from Amy Brown.
    • Sculpts for designs by Luigi Badia.
    • Mint: Anonymous Mint with Osborne Precious Metals
    • Purity: 99.9% Silver
    • Condition: New
    • Shipping: Free Shipping on all Orders

    Each model will be numbered on the rim, encapsulated, and comes with a matching numbered certificate.

    Antiqued Round

    Proof Round

    About Osborne Mint

    The collection is produced by Osborne Mint, America’s Oldest Private Mint, minting coins and medallions in the United States since 1832. We’re known as a leader in customer minted proof, antique and colorized fine silver rounds. Every product made by Osborne is manufactured to the strictest standards for metal purity, weight and dimensions.

    Osborne Mint, in partnership with Anonymous Mint, is thrilled to be making stunning rounds that celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of Amy's faeries. The licensed, limited edition, silver rounds capture a selection of her most popular works. The images for the dies were created by master sculptor Luigi Badia to give the finished rounds a three-dimensional appearance.

    Where to buy?

    The rounds are sold exclusively by JM Bullion, the premier online bullion dealer in the United States.

    You can purchase this round here.

    They enable investors to purchase bullion they physically hold, as opposed to merely owning on paper. Since their founding, they have been the industry price leader and continue to exceed expectations through their weekly sales, fast shipping, and award-winning service. Their corporate headquarters and contact center is located in Dallas, Texas. fast shipping, and award-winning service.

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