Kitco's Silver Grab Bag- 100 oz .999 Silver Bars & Rounds


    Buy Kitco 100oz Silver Grab Bag

    Are you looking for the very lowest prices on pure fine silver? This 100 oz .999 Fine Silver Grab Bag is made for YOU!

    Each Fine Silver Grab Bag is a canvas bag containing 100 oz of .999 silver.The bag may contain 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz or 10 oz silver rounds or bars, or a mixture of two or more sizes of silver rounds and silver bars. Each silver round or silver bar is guaranteed to contain its weight of pure .999 silver.

    The silver rounds and silver bars in this Fine Silver Grab Bag may not be very pretty. The Fine Silver Grab Bag contains silver rounds and  bars from the secondary market. This means they are not new. Some of the silver rounds or silver bars in the Fine Silver Grab Bag may be highly circulated, and some may show some significant signs of wear and tear, tarnish or milky spots. Since the value of silver is not affected by this, the Fine Silver Grab Bag is a great deal! You’ll get 100 ounces of .999 pure silver at an incredibly inexpensive silver price.


    • Net Weight (precious metal content): 100 oz t
    • Gross Weight: 3.11 kg
    • Fineness: 0.999
    • Condition: Circulated

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