Lucky laughing Buddha (Budai) silver coin with gold detail

    This popular Chinese symbol is supposed to bring about happiness, prosperity and good luck.
    Despite being commonly referred to as “The Laughing Buddha”, the historical Buddha is not actually represented on this coin, but rather an ancient Chinese monk by the Buddhist name of Qieci. The monk was well-loved for his joyful nature and was commonly referred to as “Budai”, which may explain the confusion of identity of this symbol in Western culture. 

    The Laughing Buddha is gilded on to the centre of the coin and is decorated with an intricate floral pattern in the surrounded silver area. The pearls around the Budai’s neck represent wisdom, while the golden object held in his hand represents blessings and receiving good fortune. Many people keep the Laughing Buddha in their homes or places of work as it is believed to generate an abundance of happiness and success. 
    It is well-documented that the original Budai was someone who was cheerful and encouraged people to have an optimistic outlook in life. This unique .999 silver coin aims to embody these values and serve as a happy reminder to celebrate each and every day. 
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