Romantic Cherry Blossom Globe silver coin

    This globe combines innovative design with the charm of Japan’s cherry blossom season, resulting in a collectible that is truly one of a kind.
    Cherry blossoms are better known as ‘sakura’ in Japan, their country of origin, and are widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere. 
    In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms do not simply signal the start of spring, but also symbolise clouds, due to the billowing shapes that form when they bloom together. These pale blooms are the national flower of Japan and are also commonly seen to embody messages of hope, renewal and serve as a reminder for the fleeting nature of life. 
    Picnicking beneath cherry blossom trees is an age-old Japanese practice referred to as “hanami” which means “flower viewing”. Hanami festivals are held for people to spend time with their loved ones and celebrate the beauty of these magical trees and the values they represent. These values are embodied in this cherry blossom globe, the first ever of its kind to be released by the CIT. 
    The .999 silver coin depicts the silhouettes of a couple at a hanami festival, wrapped in a loving embrace beneath a cherry blossom that is in full bloom. Instead of snow, this globe is filled with countless pink flower petals, which float and surround the coin to perfectly capture the magic of the moment it depicts. In so doing, this numismatic collectible takes us on an enchanting experience very few have before. 
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