Silver Aardvark 2019 PP | Evolution II | The wonderful world 1 oz .9999 Ag | In the original capsule

    Le Grand Mint

    Evolution II "Wonderful World" Proof Silver - Motive side of Le Grand collectors investment coins - Aardvark 2019


    A genuine original - the stylish collector's investment from Le Grand Mint  

    A genuine African original stylishly adorns the latest capital investment from the collection of Le Grand Mint. Embossed in the purest of silver, the aardvark shines as a new star in the silvery universe of our "Wonderful World." 

    The genus of this nocturnal mammal lay hidden in the darkness for a long period of time. Clearly, the insectivore is a genuine African original, lives a nocturnal life, however is not safe from predators. The aardvark is also hunted by humans. Reason enough to pay tribute to the African with the long snout. 

    Cast in fine silver, the beautiful motif of the aardvark shines in new splendor, revitalized on the bullion of lasting value.  In a clear and highly-detailed design from multiple design award-winner Dirk Uhlenbrock (Ersteliga), the high-quality silver piece is now commercially available worldwide. The fifth fine embossing from the Wonderful World silver coin series is once again an enduring, stylish, and secure investment in the future. 

    Value page of the PP collector coin Evolution II 25 LGM LIVRES

    The 25 Livres / Lira / pounds silver coins of Le Grand, thereby sending out a clear message against anguish. Through bold honesty, this embossed piece of pure precious metal recaptures trust and confidence.

    A tribute to the strong silver currency "LIVRE"  in the Middle Ages.

    The silver coin "Bullion" gleams as a fortified shield against deteriorating values. At a precarious time in which mass media spread fear and terror within seconds across the globe, hope for a better world is not in vain: money is fleeting, real silver endures forever.

    Mintage: 999

    Numismatic Information

    Country of origin: Germany
    Mint: Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung
    Fine weight: 31.1 g
    Fineness: 999,9 / 1000 silver
    Denomination: 25 Livres
    Diameter: 38,60 mm
    Year of Issue: 2017

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