Kitco's Silver Grab Bag- 100 oz .999 Silver Bars & Rounds


    Buy Kitco 100oz Silver Grab Bag Are you looking for the very lowest prices on pure fine silver? This 100 oz .999 Fine Silver Grab Bag is made for YOU! Each Fine Silver Grab Bag is a canvas bag containing 100 oz of .999 silver.The bag may contain 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz or 10 oz silver rounds or bars, or a mixture of two or more sizes of silver rounds and silver bars. Each silver round or silver bar is guaranteed to contain its weight of pure .999 silver. The silver ...

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    Canada 150 Commemorative 2oz, .999 silver round

    Pheli Mint

    This is a great unique round to commemorate the 150th Anniversary (sesquicentennial...we just like saying that word) of Canada. It bears the official Canada 150 logo with the stylized maple leaf. It has a reflective proof finish in the background which really makes the logo pop (It appears black in the photo due as the scanner is unable to pick up the mirrored details). It was kept otherwise simple to ensure the logo remains the focal point with no ...

    Posted by Pheli Mint
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