Palau 5 Dollar Biker Skull 2019 Silver 1 oz 9999 Antique Finish

    Le Grand Mint

    Description: • The coin has Smartminting technology! • Fully shaped and detailed to get a realistic look! • Is in an antique finish quality! • Edition of only 1,750 pieces worldwide! • Delivery takes place in a case together with the certificate of authenticity! Specifications: Face value: 5 dollars Vintage: 2019 Country: Palau Embossing quality: Antique finish Metal: fine silver Weight: 31.10 g Edition: ...

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    Osborne Mint Limited Series: Celtic Lore - Merlin First Release

    Provident Metals

    In celebration of the mythology and religion of the early Celts, Provident is happy to offer the Celtic Lore series of limited edition silver rounds produced by Osborne Mint. Though much of this folklore was lost during the rise of Christianity in the region, many of the figures seen in this series remain common archetypes in today’s pop culture. Once complete, the Celtic Lore series will feature five original designs based on artwork by world-renowned artist and ...

    Posted by Provident Metals
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