Lucky laughing Buddha (Budai) silver coin with gold detail


    This popular Chinese symbol is supposed to bring about happiness, prosperity and good luck. Despite being commonly referred to as “The Laughing Buddha”, the historical Buddha is not actually represented on this coin, but rather an ancient Chinese monk by the Buddhist name of Qieci. The monk was well-loved for his joyful nature and was commonly referred to as “Budai”, which may explain the confusion of identity of this symbol in Western culture.  The ...

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    Striking CIT’s Shakyamuni Buddha silver coin


    CIT’s Shakyamuni Buddha weighs three ounces and measures 55 mm in height. Of course, the most defining feature of the coin is the exquisitely detailed three dimensional smartminting© strike in a shaped form. CIT have refined the smartminting© technology in collaboration with B.H. Mayer mint to resolve even more detail whilst increasing relief height and striking complex shapes. The Buddha shines in fully gilded silver and is limited to just 501 pieces ...

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