PIRATES Set Gilded Gold Plated Coins 25 Cents Barbados 2018

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    PIRATES Set Gilded Gold Plated Coins 25 Cents Barbados 2018This stunning Set of three coins is dedicated to the Pirates of Barbados and to one of the most feared pirates - Blackbeard. The coins are plated in 24Kt Gold, have a Proof quality and come in an authentic treasure chest with a sack full of real coins, along with the Certificate of Authenticity in the look of a treasure map. Limited mintage of 15.000 pieces worldwide! The reverse of the coins depicts three ...

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    ICMC Red Sea Marine Life Coin Set


    Red Sea Marine Life - Set of Eight 1oz Silver .999 Coins ICMC - Israel Coins & Medals Corp issued a coin series Red Sea Marine Life, avalable now to purchase on the official website. Emperor Angelfish Outstanding for its impressive, stately royal blue and yellow coloration.Lionfish A venomous species, its red, white and black stripes match the colors of the reefs and provide good camouflage.Regal Angelfish Beautifully colored with yellow and black-edged ...

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    Disappearing Soon Coins | Royal Australian Mint


    With so many great pieces being released each month it’s easy to miss adding something to your collection. Have you got all of these? Be quick, they won’t be around for too much longer! 2017 $1 Fine Silver Frunc Kangaroo Series As the cold and drizzle of winter makes way for the colourful bloom of spring, a joey grows and develops. After moving out of the warmth of its mother’s pouch, the bond between mother and joey is also in full bloom, grazing together ...

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    Father's Day Gift Ideas


    Father's day is coming very soon - June 18th, have you prepared your gift for your Dad? My Father My Hero 1oz .999 Silver Medallion Dated 2017 Silver Towne Silver Design Father's DayThe obverse of this new 2017 design features a mustache with the words "My Father My Hero" on a circular matte background then around the rim on a proof like finish background we list out several words that can be used describe dads such as the following: "RELIABLE, UNDERSTANDING, ...

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