A Buying Guide for First Time Gold Coin Buyers from Gold Stock Live – Part II


    In the previous blog post, we discussed the various reasons for investing in gold coins, which coins are the best buys for you and popular gold coin options. In this post, we’ll continue to guide you through the other essential factors to consider when buying gold coins for the first time.Where to Buy Gold Coins fromThere are several dealers, brokerage houses and banks from where you can make your first purchase. You can also buy gold coins online as there are ...

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    Why Invest In Gold Britannia Coins


    The Britannia gold coin is one of the most sought after in the world. The coins are struck by the Royal Mint which is recognized for its leading techniques to manufacture high-quality merchandise together with the intricacies of design.  Britannia Gold Coins were first struck in 1987 but soon became with popular with collectors. The coins feature the lone figure of Britannia, a Roman goddess of war and protector of the seas.  The symbol of Britannia was used ...

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    Gold as a Wedding Gift - the Perfect Gift Guide


    Over the last fortnight we’ve noticed a higher than normal number of articles on the rising, and often unnecessary, cost of a wedding. There seems to be two schools of thought – blow the money on a lavish wedding or be so sensible as to possibly miss the wonder of such a day.     The Guardian highlighted both that Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins now sell wedding dresses and the rise of the Peacock Groom.    The Daily Mail wrote a hilarious satire on the ...

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    Canadian Silver Saver exclusive Interview with Beaver Bullion Canada Owner & Silver Craftsman John Masterson


    Please enjoy this interview wih John Masterson, Owner & Craftsman of Beaver Bullion Canada. In this recorded interview we discuss his background, products and how he makes his silver items.  He focuses on unique hand poured .999 fine silver & has a passion for ...

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    2017 Most Awaited Bullion Releases

    Bullion Exchanges

    Whether you prefer gold as the “king monetary metal” or silver due to its greater upside potential in percentage, 2017 brings you the most notable bullion releases. This year, some mints continued their first-class excellence by issuing their world-famous coins and bars while other ones surprised their collectors with exclusive precious metal pieces. Let’s take a look at the most eagerly awaited 2017 bullion issues which you should definitely follow up. ...

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