1 oz Pure Gold Round -Yin Yang .9999


    Buy 1 oz Pure Gold Round -Yin Yang .9999 This gorgeous 2 piece, 1 oz Pure Gold Yin Yang round is exclusively available at Kitco. Kitco has taken our exclusive interpretation of Yin and Yang to a whole new level, in .9999 pure (24 carat) gold. A truly unique way to hold gold , the 1 oz pure gold Yin Yang gold round is the same weight as a 1 oz gold bullion coin, but it is definitely more unique, and some might say more beautiful! This custom design of yin and yang ...

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    Gold as a Wedding Gift - the Perfect Gift Guide


    Over the last fortnight we’ve noticed a higher than normal number of articles on the rising, and often unnecessary, cost of a wedding. There seems to be two schools of thought – blow the money on a lavish wedding or be so sensible as to possibly miss the wonder of such a day.     The Guardian highlighted both that Top Shop and Dorothy Perkins now sell wedding dresses and the rise of the Peacock Groom.    The Daily Mail wrote a hilarious satire on the ...

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