Chinese Zodiac Signs Coins


    Explore zodiac-themed coins from Royal Canadian Mint, Mint of Poland, Monarch Mint and some other private issues. See where to buy, compare prices and find what matches your sign! ...

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    BLUE TSAREVICH CONSTELLATION EGG – IMPERIAL FABERGÉ EGGS – 2018 1.8 oz Pure Silver Coin – Niue – Mint of Poland

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    SPECIFICATIONS OF COIN Metal: 999 Fine SilverFinish: ProofSize: 50 mmSpecial Features: Oval Shape - Engraved Cobalt Glass InsertDenomination:$2.00Year of Issue: 2018Max Mintage: 999Weight: 56.56 GramsCountry: Niue Place your order at The Coin Shoppe EYE OF HORUS – 2018 2 oz Pure Silver Coin – Niue – Mint of Poland Carl Fabergé couldn’t anticipate that the Constellation Egg would be his last masterpiece designed for the emperor Nicholas II. This ...

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    Art that changed the world


    Beautiful coin series from Mint of Poland. Art That Changed the World is a unique series presenting remarkable works of architecture of consecutive periods in art. Rococo, 1 dollar This magnificent coin is dedicated to Rococo and presents the Sanssouci Palace which thanks to its wonderful design has been called the Prussian Versailles. The image of this craftsmanlike work of architecture was mapped with the highest attention to every detail. The artistic spirit of ...

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