2018 South Korea 10 oz Silver Chiwoo Cheonwang


    THE 1st ever release of 2018 Chiwoo Cheonwang 10 oz  The mintage is only 500. The year 2018 marks the third release of the highly sought after Chiwoo Silver bullion series. The limited mintages and annual changing designs make the Chiwoo series desired in many collections or investments. KOMSCO, the official mint of South Korea, chose this historical figure to celebrate on the country’s first-ever Silver bullion series. Chiwoo Cheonwang is revered in Chinese and ...

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    1 oz Silver Bitcoin Round .999


    Buy 1 oz Silver Bitcoin Round .999 Bitcoin cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. It has made incredible fortunes for a lucky few, and has fueled wild speculation. Bitcoin has been called the future of money by some, and a total scam by others.  Whatever you think of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is here to stay. To acknowledge and salute this new reality, Kitco has created a pure 1 oz silver round dedicated to Bitcoin. It’s not “A bitcoin”. Rather, ...

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    Graded Red Horse of War Rounds Are Here!

    Provident Metals

    Graded Red Horse of War Rounds Are Here! The Red Horse of War is the second release in the Provident original series of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rounds. The BU silver and copper round sales have ended, and now this design is only available in graded form. And you won’t want to miss this action-packed design. These NGC graded and slabbed rounds will come in both a proof and antiqued finish, with grades of GEM BU, 69, and 70. Each one comes individually ...

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    1oz Monarch Precious Metals Domed Basketball Silver Round

    1oz Monarch Precious Metals Domed Basketball Silver Round Not your typical silver round! Minted by Monarch Precious Metals using a special die and triple-strike method, this unique silver round is domed, resulting in a convex obverse and concave reverse. On the front of the round, the basketball feels as if it's flying right towards you due to it's convex shape, and on the reverse the concave shape gives motion to the player flying through the air for a ...

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    New hand poured silver art bars by Tomoko's Enterprize are now available from Canadian Silver Saver

    Canadian Silver Saver

    New hand poured silver art bars by Tomoko's Enterprize are now available from Canadian Silver Saver. Watch the video for all the highlights. Head over to our store at to view all the details and purchase some beautiful pure silver, hand poured by Dean in the Canadian Mountains!   Contact me at with any ...

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    The Celtic Lore Series .999 Silver Rounds from Osborne Mint

    Osborne Mint

    Osborne Mint, partnering with Anonymous Mint, proudly introduces a new series of five .999 fine silver rounds based on Celtic myths. The Celtic Lore Series brings the folklore, myths and legends of the Celts to life. Julie Lindquist, top round designer for Anonymous Mint, is of Irish descent and grew up hearing stories about mystical Celtic beings. She wanted to expose more people to the ancient stories of the Celtic people and thought that limited edition, ...

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    The Angel Louvenia Release from Osborne Mint


    Angel Louvenia 1 oz Silver Proof Round, Angels & Demons Steampunk Collection The second angel in the limited edition, micro-mintage Angels and Demons Steampunk collectible coin series is Louvenia. She's an intrepid explorer – off to see the world in her personal dirigible. Charmingly leaning over the edge of her basket, she can’t wait to see where the next adventure, and the winds, take her. Available now for pre-order at Provident Metals. Demon Thaddeus 1 ...

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