Palau 5 Dollar Biker Skull 2019 Silver 1 oz 9999 Antique Finish

    Le Grand Mint

    Description: • The coin has Smartminting technology! • Fully shaped and detailed to get a realistic look! • Is in an antique finish quality! • Edition of only 1,750 pieces worldwide! • Delivery takes place in a case together with the certificate of authenticity! Specifications: Face value: 5 dollars Vintage: 2019 Country: Palau Embossing quality: Antique finish Metal: fine silver Weight: 31.10 g Edition: ...

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    Explore Halloween Silver From US Dealers and Compare Prices!


    Are you looking for some spooky Halloween silver? Here we collected all thematic bars, coins and rounds in one category - Halloween. Click, explore and enjoy the best scary products from most reputable US precious metals ...

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    Skull-shaped silver coin


    Who says that coins and their themes must always be beautiful or cute? With this unusual skull-shaped coin, numismatics dare to approach a whole new aspect of our lives. The Skull Nº1 is a uniquely shaped coin (although it doesn't look like one at first glance) made of 1oz fine silver. The Smartminting© relief is absolutely outstanding in the truest sense of the word, and accented with an antique finish. The gruesome and fun packaging fits the coin very ...

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