Tamdakht Meteorite Strike silver coin with real cracks and a small hole

    This silver coin is dedicated to the subject 'meteorite impact' in such an authentic way, that it even shows signs of the damaged caused by the impact - featuring real cracks and a small hole.
    A few years ago, a coin featuring a piece of a real meteorite was considered to be innovative. Today it requires a little more effort in addition to the innovative technology to give the coin its special value. 
    That's why this coin inspired on the Tamdakht meteorite fall attempts to represent much more than just a simple meteorite impact. Here, the impact is reproduced in such a violent manner, that it doesn't just feature cracks, but even a real hole where the meteorite appears to have smashed through the coin. In the course of this supervised destruction process, the cracks and breakage occur randomly, thus ensuring that each coin is one of a kind. 
    The 'Tamdakht' is the meteorite that fell north of the Moroccan place of Tamdakht on 20th December 2008. Countless fragments of the meteorite spread across the foothills of the Upper Atlas. So far, around 100 kg have been found. The stray field's length (at least 16km) and width (at least 4.5km) are also very striking and make this meteorite impact one of the most significant of Morocco. 

    This coin was awarded a silver medal at the international Coin Constellation contest, which was held on September 22nd at the COINS-2017 show in Moscow. The innovative coin manages to transcend traditional coin design and to bring new aspects into the popular field of Meteorite coins. Thus, it was awarded the silver medal in the category “Unique Concept”.
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