The Great Tea Race Silver Coin

    The 1 oz coin depicts one of the ships of the Great Tea Race with an ultra high relief.
    The Great Tea Race of 1866 was a race between merchant sailing ships from China to London. Nine of the fastest clippers competed with each other in this sailing regatta. Their objective was to take the so much awaited first tea harvest of the season from China to the UK in the shortest time possible. With fully set sails, these sailing ships were an incredibly impressive sight - and that's precisely what this coin tries to capture in a small area. The ship's image offers a great level of detail on the high relief that one would not expect to find on such a small area. What's striking is that the coin, with its height of 38.61mm, feels very light - despite its relief. Another impressive feature that shows what Smartminting is capable of. This technology was used to create this amazing coin to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Great Tea Race. 

    And what was the result of the race? The two fastest ships were the 'Taeping' and the 'Ariel'. The journey home took them 99 days. The time difference between the two ships was only 25 minutes. 

    This coin's design is based on an oil painting by the famous British artist Jack Spurling. It shows how close the two ships were to each other when they entered the English Channel after their three-month neck-and-neck race. 
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