Trilobite Silver Coin from Mongolia

    470 million years - that's the approximate time that has passed from the era in which this coin's motif used to live on the earth and the production of this coin. The main theme is a real trilobite.
    The ammonite - the very popular first edition from the 'Evolution of Life' series - stirred up high expectations for its successor. The 2016 coin edition now presents the period of the Ordovician with a remarkable, partially excavated trilobite based on a real 470-million-year-old fossil found in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, Russia. 
    The original is almost 8cm long and belongs to the species of Cheirurus ingricus. 

    As was expected from this edition of this series, the trilobite on this 38.61mm large coin is represented with detailed high relief and a shiny gold finish. Thanks to the silver background, the trilobite clearly stands out and appears to come to life.
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