Where to Buy Silver at Spot Price: Top 8 Places to Go


    No matter whether you’re a newbie in silver stacking or an experienced player you still want to buy silver at spot. And now I will show you how you can do it easily. 

    There are numbers of precious metals dealers who run introductory offers of silver bars and rounds at spot price. What’s more - most of them offer free shipping!

    So, let’s begin. 

    1. Provident Metals offer 10 1 oz silver Prospector rounds at spot price, discount applies in cart. Free shipping.

    2. SD Bullion has a new customer offer of 1 oz silver round at spot, discount applies in cart. Free shipping is possible on orders over $99 so you can add this round to your entire order to save on shipping.

    3. Monument Metals sell 10 1 oz Premium US Capitol rounds at spot with free shipping. 

    4. At BGASC you can add 5 oz silver bar at spot price each time you make a purchase on over $300 via bank wire/paper check. If you pay via cc, no minimum order is needed! Free shipping starts on orders over $5000.

    5. The Bullion People from Canada sell 2018 1 oz Rwanda Lunar Dog coin at spot, 1 coin per order. Free shipping on orders over $499, Canada only.

    6. 10 oz silver bar at spot you can buy at Silver Gold Bull with free shipping. They ship in Canada as well.  

    7. JM Bullion has an introductory offer of 10 1 oz Buffalo rounds, ship free. Limit to one order per household. 

    8. BOLD Precious Metals sell 5 oz silver bar at spot price, one per household only. To get free shipping you need to order on $99 or more.

    These are the best silver at spot deals found on the web. Pay your attention that most of them are one-time only. Slow but steady grow your stack. 

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