Zodiac Replicas of Jahangir - Capricorn Gold & Silver Plated Commemoratives

    BNT Coins

    • An extremely rare historical design - with a modern twist
    • Plated with pure silver or pure gold
    • Proof-like quality
    • Exclusively available from BNT Coins

    ORDER NOW at BNT CoinsTribute to an extremely rare historical design

    BNT Coins is pleased to offer you a striking gold and silver plated commemorativesfeaturing an extremely rare historic Jahangir zodiac design.

    The obverse of these limited edition commemorative features a flawless recreation of the Capricorn Jahangir zodiac coin. Struck in Prooflike quality, the original gold design is set against a rich blue cosmic background, a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary design.

    The reverse of each commemorative features a stunningly intricate design exclusive to BNT Coins, which includes the heraldic animals of the United Kingdom, and the symbolic flora of each country, all gathered round a central shield.

    The Forbidden Coins of Emperor Jahangir

    Interested in the originals? You'll have to visit the British Museum or else track down a private collector see these rare 17th century coins for yourself.

    The designs, featuring animals and humans in their zodiac depictions, were considered idolatrous in the Islamic central Asian Mughal empire where they were first struck by Emperor Jahangir. His devoutly religious son and successor Shah Jahan decreed that any person caught in possession of the coins would be put to death.

    It's amazing that we even know of these coins' existence today, as most of them were collected up and melted down. However, a precious few survived, making them some of the rarest coins in India, and much sought-after collector's items.

    An Exclusive Commemorative For Your Collection

    You won't find this commemorative anywhere else. BNT Coins is part of a huge network of coin suppliers, and is backed by 120 years of expertise that has contributed to the high quality design and craftsmanship of this collection. You will be one of a limited group of collectors to own them.

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