SD Bullion reviewed by James G
    James G
    February 11, 2016
    No complaints. Great price, fast ship, good service

    I dont know about other peoples exprience but I really like this company. They have great any quantity specials and ship my crap out fast. I have tried using credit card and mailing in a check and both were really fast. I also had a boatload of questions to ask them about a new round i was considering trying for kicks and giggles and the chat feature worked great. The person wasnt from india or anything. They actually knew what the heck they were talking about which was awesome. I will keep using these guys until they give me a reason to look elsewhere. They dominate the price wars from what I have seen. It would be nice if they added a virtual portfolio that showed your holdings, as you enter them, and their value minute by minute. Apmex has that and I like it a lot.

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