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    Roger Lee
    January 26, 2016
    Unethical practices

    Would not do business with this company. They deliberately ignored several communications until item was shipped so they could avoid working out the issue. A tone of dishonesty appears to be an underpinning of their culture.

    Keith M
    October 23, 2015
    great first time buy

    checking with friends and looking on line for company I could trust and most all steered me to U S Gold Bureau. The price was right, service excellent and I will be back again.

    Brian Thomas
    October 22, 2015
    good experience

    The order came 6 days sooner than had been projected and it came exactly as described. I would definitely use United States Gold Bureau again.

    October 22, 2015
    Great pricing and fast insured shipping

    From small personal collectibles and gifts to large investment opportunities the u.s. gold bureau is able to accomodate everyone. Pricing is competitive with live market fluctuations. Items are well packaged and insured for peace of mind.

    American Patrior
    October 2, 2015
    Legitimate Company But Slow Delivery

    I placed an order with this company in August after emailing them for information. First let me say that they are indeed a legitimate and licensed precious metals company and I did receive what I ordered. I've heard many bad things about this company that don't seem to make sense or are just flat out untrue. But based on my experiences, I can see why some may complain about certain aspects of this company. Sales and Marketing - Yes, their emphasis is to get you to buy certified coins as an investment. Yes, the sales folks will make a better commission if you buy these coins with a higher premium. My first experience was with a salesman (they call them agents) was a hard upsell attempt at certified gold coins costing $5000 a piece. I previously told this man that I was interested in silver American Eagles, and yes I got frustrated. I called back and asked for a different agent and got one that actually listened to me and what I wanted after I made it perfectly clear that I did not want graded coins. I am a silver stacker. Silver stackers aren't interested in graded coins; especially graded gold coins. Once I made my investment interests PERFECTLY clear, then we made some progress and I ordered what I wanted to order. I explained to my new agent that I was not going to be a high dollar investor but I would be a consistent investor if treated right, and I have been ever since. If you don't want the upsell, just get straight to the point and say no. You're the customer. To her credit, the second agent was awesome. Their silver prices are some of the best out there with regard to their premiums over spot. They are consistently cheaper than and The main draw back to this company is their horrendous $15 shipping charges. Why anyone would pay that, I don't know. I am fortunate in that I live in Austin, Texas where the company is and what is not advertised is that you can request to go in person to pickup your order. Just make an appointment with your agent once your order comes in. I must say that going in person to pickup my order was an experience. Even though I made an appointment and they knew I was coming, I was still challenged at the front door to their lobby before I could even ring the door bell. They have a secure facility so I wasn't going to be barging in unseen. This tall, grey haired man in a pink shirt challenged me at the door and asked me what I wanted. I told him I was there to pickup and order. At first he didn't seem to believe me, but eventually let me in once I told him the name of my agent. If USGB reads these reviews, I suggest a friendlier greeting. I understand security but you ARE a business that entertains clients. Don't make them feel like intruders. However, once I met with my agent, everything was fine and the bullion I ordered was awesome! Be patient when you order. It takes 2-3 weeks to get your order. I didn't mind waiting since my price was locked in. I have also seen some clients complain that they are made to sign for their orders when it is shipped. To me that's the dumbest complaint I've heard. That's extra security for you. If you're driving distance, pay by e-check and go in person to pickup your order. You save LOTS on overhead. One major goal of precious metals buying is to get it as cheap as you can. All in all, I give USGB a decent rating for most things except shipping time. But I knew that going in. In conclusion, yes, they emphasize graded coins as an investment and will offer those to you on the phone. Some of their "motivated" agents will try hard to upsell you. Hang up the phone or ask for someone else who will listen to what you want.

    September 30, 2015

    This company is a complete scam. They will stall and delay shipment until the cost of your order is cheaper for them to purchase and even then will continue to stall. Good luck getting your "rep" to return a phone call. It won't happen. Same as your delivery.

    Dale McCart
    June 9, 2015
    Dont use them

    Don't trust these people for anything

    D. Spring
    April 23, 2015
    Professional and Secure

    I have had a fantastic experience with the U.S. Gold Bureau. I read some of the other reviews and I don’t think many of them are fair, and it also seems that many of the people don’t understand the difference between ordering gold and silver online vs. regular consumer items. I’ve done over $400,000 worth of business with this company, and I have made a significant profit based on their recommendations. They also kept me from making a few mistakes that I would have otherwise made had I not spoke with them when I first got into investing in gold and silver. I read one of the reviews where the person was upset because they “had to sign for the package”. Hello? There is potentially tens of thousands of dollars in value in that FedEx box. And, you’re questioning whether or not you should have to be home to sign for it. Really? The U.S. Gold Bureau always informed me that I would need to be present to sign for my package. This is a well-run company, I will continue to do business with them and recommend them to others.

    April 20, 2015
    Must sign at home to receive

    I ordered from this company on ebay and my shipment was sent by FedEx with a tracking number. When the shipment arrived FedEx left a notice on the door that I must sign to receive the shipment. So I thought I could just call FedEx and have it held at the local hub and pick it up there. So FedEx tells me that the way this company ships you must sign for it at the address that it is shipped to. This means I have to miss a day's work to stay at home to sign for a package? I received an e-mail from Rhonda at US Gold Bureau that said "I can put in your file for future reference that you want your shipments to be held at a Fedex hub, but unfortunately, it is against my company policy to change the trajectory of your package once it leaves our facility. If you cannot retrieve it the three times Fedex tries to deliver it, it will be sent back to us and we will make sure to note that in your sales record." I ordered from them again and the same thing happened. Otherwise, I was happy with this company, but I can't take a day off work to sign for a package.

    April 17, 2015
    Don't go for it!!!

    I have order 100GR gold from this site on Apr 10 2015. I even received a Order confirmation email. I gave it a week time to look at my bank account to see the status of the order. Nothing has happend and I call them immediately. The person I spoke to is Tyler. I asked him the status of the order. He says the transaction didn't go through bcoz my address of the bank account and the shipping address doens't match. So the order has been cancelled. I never received a cancellation email nor my address is different. When I asked him why didn't they contact me and ask me for a wire transfer when the transaction haven't gone through when they have my number and email information..,,, Most importantly,,, I told him I never received a cancellation email... That's when he mentioned he is cancelling it while he is talking to me on phone. And immediately he corrects himself saying it's not he who cancelled it they have a third party system that checks for the address verification. And mentions,,, because I called them Today (Apr 17th) and the gold price has gone up, I need to pay them the extra amount. He doesn't know what he is talking about first of all,, as my address exactly matches the shipping address.... This is a Scam!!! and just because the price went up today,, they want me to pay the extra amount.... It would have been professional if they called me and said it instead of making me wait for next how many ever days and tell me this when I myself give them a call..

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